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NASCAR betting back in top 10 in May

NASCAR betting data

NASCAR, and motorsports in general, is a sport that is still not extremely popular in the growing US sports betting industry.

NASCAR has worked hard to become more popular in the United States, but it still trails the other major professional sports. They have struck deals with several high-profile companies in order to boost their appeal and image, including one of the newest CO sportsbooks, WynnBET Colorado.

This is also a sport that is hard to find sports betting data on, but the state of Colorado helps the cause. While some of the bigger states only show the breakdown of betting on the most popular sports, motorsports are included in the Colorado report if it is inside of the top 10.

April was the first time since the NASCAR season began that it was not included as one of the ten most popular betting markets in the state. The sports jumped back onto the list in May, and there is the belief that it will stay there throughout the summer months.

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Not only was motorsports one of the ten biggest markets in May, but it was also the most handle the sport has brought since sports betting was launched in Colorado. The total betting handle was $718,489 in May, shattering the previous mark of just over $666,000 in February.

This will continue to be a popular betting option for bettors in Colorado as long as they maintain this level of success. In May, sportsbooks lost nearly $17,000 on the sport, the first time that motorsports bettors have beaten the sportsbooks.

In May, sportsbooks in Colorado won more than $15 million, but golf and motorsports kept the sportsbooks from sweeping every available market. The May hold was just over six percent, which was a solid number for the operators.

Just like with the other betting markets in the state, bettors of motorsports prefer making a wager on a mobile device. 99.49% of all bets on motorsports were placed online, even though this market is an option at retail sportsbooks as well.

Summer Olympics Set to Begin

This is the first time that the Olympics have been held since Colorado legalized sports betting, and many bettors are asking the same question. Everyone wants to know, “Can I bet on the Summer Olympics Games in the state of Colorado?”

The answer is a resounding yes, although that isn’t the case in every sports betting market throughout the US. Colorado has one of the biggest menu of sports betting options on the table, even though there are still some minor restrictions in place.

When it comes to Olympic Games betting, events that are scored by judges will not be offered by sportsbooks. Sportsbooks can’t set odds for sporting events with subjective scoring, and it is a way to protect from match-fixing.

Each sportsbook is able to determine which Olympic Games they want to feature on their site, but most will try to push the limit. Not only can you bet on individual or team events at the Summer Olympics, but you can also make a totals bet as well.

Sportsbooks have already started offering betting options for medal count, and this is expected to be a popular betting option.

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