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LuckyLand Slots Cheats

Winning huge jackpots is the name of the game when playing at online casinos and sweepstakes sites, but completing this objective isn’t always easy. Instead, people often look for ways to cheat at sites like LuckyLand Slots. While illegal methods are always frowned upon, players can utilize several legit LuckyLand Slots hacks to maximize their success.

LuckyLand Casino - Play to Win

For example, generous free coin bonuses can give you an instant leg up at this social casino. Using a winning online slot game strategy is also crucial for players to increase their odds and cheat at LuckyLand Slots. There’s no point looking for illegal software cracks or RNG hacks when you can supercharge your chances of success by following several recommendations.

Keep reading to find out how to play free slots and win cash prizes at this leading sweepstakes site. Other casinos are also highlighted below, since cheating to play does not come with any added cost adding flexibility.

140,000 FREE Gold Coins
  • Real cash redemptions
  • Massive progressive jackpots

Is there a LuckyLand Slots hack?

Readers aren’t going to find any dodgy or illegal LuckyLand Slots hacks here, as that’s never something we recommend getting into. Not only is it immoral and likely to get you in trouble, but social casino sites are designed to be impenetrable to any external influence. This means neither you nor the LuckyLand Slots owners can do anything to influence the result.

Or does it? While players cannot cheat at sweeps slots in traditional ways like using fake coins, there are numerous legal LuckyLand Slots cheats that are simple to employ. Before we explore them in detail, here is a taster:

  • Take advantage of generous free coins bonuses.
  • Play longer and win more on high RTP slots.
  • Understand all the ways to win free Gold Coins.
  • Check out LuckyLand Slots app mods.
  • Use betting strategies to take better care of your bankroll.

LuckyLand Store Codes

LuckyLand Slots Free Spins and Cheat Codes

LuckyLand players have several ways to collect free Gold Coins and sweeps coins. Alongside a no deposit sweepstakes welcome bonus offering 7,777 Gold Coins and 10 bonus sweeps coins, there are also several ongoing promotions. Taking advantage of the following cheat codes and bonuses is the best way to hack LuckyLand Slots:

LuckyLand Slots Casino BonusWhat’s Inside? How To Claim
LuckyLand Slots 7,777 Gold Coins + 10 Bonus Sweeps Coins Signup Offer 7,777 Gold Coins & 10 free Sweeps CoinsClick Here!
LuckyLand $10 worth of Gold Coins First Purchase Offer 50,000 Gold Coins & 10 Sweeps Coins Purchase $4.99 of Gold Coins
Daily Bonus Wheel Various exciting prizes Log into LuckyLand Slots and spin the wheel
LuckyLand Slots Casino Daily Rewards Several free Gold Coins Sign into your LuckyLand Slots account daily
LuckyLand Slots Tournaments Free Gold Coins & Sweeps Coins Enter tournaments and win
LuckyLand Slots VIP Club Various prizes & promotional sweepstakes Play slots with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins to move up the levels
Social Media Tournaments & Promotions Free Gold Coins & Sweeps Coins Enter social media tournaments and look out for other promotions

LuckyLand Slots Cheats & Strategies

As mentioned, we’re not going to break any laws with our LuckyLand Slot hacks. There’s no point, especially when free social casino games are perfect real money gambling practice. Several LuckyLand Slots cheats are based on legal casino strategy. There are also key ways to claim free Gold Coins and sweeps coins, like the bonuses above. Keep reading for an overview of how to win real money prizes at LuckyLand Slots as much as possible.

LuckyLand Slots Cheats

Free Gold Coins & Sweeps Coins

You’re always more likely to win at slot games the longer you play. This requires a healthy bankroll, and luckily LuckyLand Slots offers several ways to get free virtual money. New players are treated to 7,777 free Gold Coins and 10 free Sweeps Coins right from the offset. Other ways to get your hands on free Gold Coins include:

  • $10 First Purchase Offer
  • Daily Bonus Wheel
  • Daily Login Bonus
  • VIP Club
  • Tournaments
  • Social Media Promotions

Win on high RTP LuckyLand Slots games

LuckyLand rtp

Another way to make your bankroll last longer is by playing high RTP slots. RTP is short for Return To Player, a metric that tells players the odds of winning on slot machines. It’s given as a percentage and works like this:

  • 97% RTP slot = 97 Gold Coins from every 100 spent on average.

Players will swing the odds in their favor by choosing high RTP LuckyLand Slot games. This is another free and completely legal casino cheat you can use for real money gambling alongside social casino gaming. Here are a few LuckyLand Slots titles to get you started:

  • Snow Queen In 3D
  • Galactic Blast
  • Mardi Gras Money
  • Dragon’s Den

Reducing the House Edge

Reducing the house edge is the best way to trick casinos like LuckyLand Slots and win big consistently. Playing high RTP slots is a simple way to reduce the house edge, and there are several other methods to bear in mind.

All online casino and sweepstakes games are tipped in the operator’s favor, but following the hints below can help you swing the odds back in your direction:

  • Take more risks on high volatility slots, as these are more likely to pay out big prizes.
  • Use smaller bets on low volatility slots to optimize your success.
  • Research online slot bonus rounds before playing.
  • Play game variants with the smallest house edge. For example, European roulette over American roulette.
  • Follow blackjack strategy to push the house edge down to only 0.3%.

Progressive LuckyLand Slots jackpots

If you’re dreaming of a heist-like scenario where your LuckyLand Slots hack unlocks a treasure chest of real cash, look no further than progressive jackpot slots. The overall prize during these games carries on growing, potentially hitting huge levels. For example, real-life players like Margie H and B Davis have redeemed $98,900 and $42,950 jackpots.

Winning at progressive jackpot slots can certainly feel like cheating. The best ones at LuckyLand Slots include:

  • Neon Valley
  • Power of Ra
  • Undersea Dreamin’

All progressive jackpots at the social casino are capped at 300,000 Sweeps Coins. This equates to $300,000, so the rewards can be massive. Try out sweeps jackpot slots for a LuckyLand Slots cheat that could be truly life-changing.

Online Slots Free Spins and Bonus Rounds

hack LuckyLand Free Spins SLots

New slot games are consistently enhancing their bonus features, offering various free spins rounds and multiplier-driven mechanics. LuckyLand Slots is packed with forward-thinking free slot games that have lucrative bonus rounds. The key is learning how to make the most of them.

Practice on some of the following slot machines to develop a clear bonus feature strategy. In doing so, you’ll have a LuckyLand Slots hack you can use again and again:

  • Snow Queen in 3D (Cascading wins, free spins, wilds)
  • Mayan Gold (Free spins, bonus symbols, added wilds, multipliers)
  • Once Upon A Win ( Free spins, transforming wilds)
  • Lucha Mania (Wrestling mini games, free spins, transforming symbols, multipliers)

LuckyLand Slots Android apk file mod

Players can download the official LuckyLand Slots mobile casino app directly from the site. However, to play in the restricted areas of Washington state and Quebec, you must download the LuckyLand Slots Mod. Third-party developers have kindly modified this application to get around geolocation-based gambling laws. It also has more generous free coin bonuses, but we cannot 100% vouch for its legitimacy. We urge players to stick with the above hacks and avoid any third-party downloads or installations. At the end of the day, you don’t want to get duped, right?

How to Play at LuckyLand Slots

Following the tips above will increase your social casino gaming success, but it means nothing if you don’t know the basics of playing at LuckyLand Slots. Let us walk you through how to play at LuckyLand Slots before you implement our winning strategies.

LuckyLand Play4Free

Registering at LuckyLand Casino

Registering at LuckyLand Slots is straightforward. Follow the steps below to start playing slots free:

  1. Head to https://luckylandslots.com/ and press “Play Now”.
  2. Use your Facebook account to register instantly. Alternatively, supply a valid email, username, and password.
  3. Look out for a verification email if you chose the latter option.
  4. Supply a valid cell number to finish the registration and receive 10 free Sweeps Coins + 7,777 Gold Coins.

Players must be older than 18 and residents of any US or Canadian state other than Washington and Quebec.

Claim Your Free Gold Coins & Sweep Coins

Social casinos like LuckyLand Slots use a virtual currency system to evade US gambling laws. The casino action revolves around Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins instead of real money. It results in free slot play alongside real cash prize potential. Here is an overview of how the two virtual currencies work:

  • Gold Coins: Most free coins promotions at LuckyLand involve Gold Coins. These do not have any real-world value, but players can use them to play online slot machines for free. Don’t miss out on the free coins promotions allowing players to legally cheat LuckyLand Slots.
  • Sweeps Coins: As opposed to Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins have real-life worth. They are not as easy to receive via bonus promotions, with players needing to win coins playing paid sweepstakes games to obtain them. Each sweep coin equates to $1, and the minimum redemption is currently $50.

Players choose which currency to use before playing a LuckyLand Slots game. You might find some slots are initially locked while playing with Gold Coins, whereas all games are unlocked with Sweeps Coins.

Purchasing Coins & Winning Cash

To purchase more Gold Coins, click the “Buy” button in the right-hand corner of the game screen.

Purchase methods include:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • AMEX
  • Online Banking
  • ACH Payments
  • Skrill

There are various Gold Coin packages available:

CostGold CoinsSweeps Coins
$4.9950,000 (Only on first purchase)9.99

Unlike with normal online casinos, you cannot directly win real money at LuckyLand Slots. Prizes are paid out in Sweeps Coins, which can then be redeemed as real money prizes. The minimum redemption is $50. You will need to validate your account with documents such as a passport and Social Security Number to do so.

LuckyLand Slots redeems cash prizes using the following methods:

  • ACH Payments
  • Online Bank Transfer

Some banks like American Express or Bluebird aren’t currently compatible.

LuckyLand Slots App

LuckyLand Slots is yet to release a dedicated iOS app, but the mobile casino browser site is a perfect alternative. Android users can use the LuckyLand mobile casino app to play on the move. It isn’t currently available on the Google Play store, so follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Download the LuckyLandSlots.apk file directly from the LuckyLand Slots homepage.
  2. Transfer the file to your mobile if you downloaded it via your desktop or laptop.
  3. Click on it to start the installation process.
  4. Press “Allow From This Source” when prompted to complete the installation.
  5. Enjoy this amazing app to your heart’s content!

LuckyLand Loose Slots

Other Social Casino Gaming Cheats

Now you know all about cheats at LuckyLand Slots, there’s nothing stopping you from tricking other social casino platforms in your favor. Some players prefer other sweepstakes sites due to better game collections and more generous bonus offers. Here are a few sites like LuckyLand Slots to hack next:

We also recommend playing at real money casinos once you have practiced gambling strategies at free social casinos. The above will not guarantee success, but you will stand better chances of winning.


Can I hack LuckyLand Slots?

Not in the conventional (and illegal) sense, but there are numerous winning strategies that will tip the odds in your favor. Cheat codes for new players, daily hacks for additional coins, smart gaming selection, and playing cautiously are a few ways to cheat LuckyLand. For more, check our guide on how to hack Funzpoints Casino for additional tips.

What is the RTP in slot machines?

RTP stands for Return To Player. It shows players how much they are likely to win on average during a slots session. For example, a 96% RTP slot will pay out 96 Gold Coins from every 100 spent. This is an average calculated over 1,000,000 spins, so don’t take it as gospel. Nevertheless, playing high RTP slots is an easy way to increase your chances of success.

How do I get free Gold Coins at LuckyLand?

You can obtain free Gold Coins at LuckyLand Slots via several methods. For example, the social casino offers 7,777 free coins for signing up.

Can I win real money at LuckyLand Slots?

Yes. Real money prize redemptions are possible at LuckyLand Slots, as on sites like Funzpoints. You will need to play with Sweeps Coins and acquire at least 50 SC to cash out.