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Could Colorado Play Football This Fall?


Last month the Pac-12 Conference announced the cancellation of all fall sports through Dec. 31.

The University of Colorado competes in the Pac-12, and that appeared to end the hopes of football this fall.

The Big Ten Conference also made a similar announcement, but the other three Power 5 Conferences are still planning to play football as scheduled. Both conferences that have canceled the fall have received plenty of criticism.

On Thursday, the Pac-12 Conference announced a partnership with Quidel Corporation, which could make the thought of playing football possible. Quidel Corporation manufactures rapid COVID-19 tests, and that could allow for daily testing for Pac-12 athletes.


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Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott made a statement on Thursday that gives hope for some Pac-12 athletic competitions to take place before Jan. 1. Scott would not commit to anything on Thursday, but it appears that the offer is at least on the table.

There are six schools in the conference that compete in states that have yet to receive approval from health officials to resume athletic competitions. California and Oregon continue to struggle with the spread of COVID-19, which could keep the conference from making any changes.

Scott did note that he has been in discussion with Big 10 commissioner Kevin Warren, and the two leagues could look to start their seasons at the same time. The two leagues could also come up with a new bowl schedule that would allow the teams to compete at the end of the regular season.

The University of Colorado has received approval from health officials, and practices have been taking place throughout the summer. The Buffaloes were expected to struggle in Pac-12 play this season, but they might not get their shot until after the New Year.

Each Pac-12 member school will cover the costs of the new rapid tests, and they are expected to be on each campus by the end of September. Student-athletes could be tested each day, and it will allow the conference to conduct studies and research that could help lead to football.

Football in the Spring?

Meanwhile, the Football Oversight Committee has announced that they will propose an eight-game spring schedule to the Division I council for those schools that have pushed football to the spring. This would include the University of Colorado unless the Pac-12 changes its current plans.

This plan would allow schools to hold 15 practices over a 29-day span to get into game shape. The eight games must be completed before April 17.

The Football Oversight Committee has been tasked with creating a plan that would allow schools and conferences to play football in the spring, and then again next fall. They feel that this would be the safest way to accomplish this goal.

Schools would have 13 weeks to complete their eight games, and it’s yet to be determined if there will be any sort of postseason schedule. This announcement could also allow other conferences to postpone fall football and opt for the spring.

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